Climate Badajoz

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climate badajozThe climate in Badajoz is continental with very hot summers but winters with significant differences in temperatures.

temperature avg Badajoz 9 11 13 16 18 23 26 25 22 19 13 9
temperature min Badajoz 5 6 8 10 12 16 18 18 16 13 8 5
temperature max Badajoz 13 15 18 21 24 30 3431 27 24 1713
temperature sea Badajoz------------
days in Tshirt Badajoz 0 0 5 12 20 26 30 31 25 19 5 0
days on the beach in Badajoz------------

When going to Badajoz

Badajoz located at the border with Portugal near Salamanca, Sevilla and Lisbon. City uncrowded tourists it's surrounded by remarkable cities either side with Portuguese or Spanish : Evora, Merida and Caceres.

There are two ideal times to travel to Badajoz and the region, Spring and Autumn, indeed the winter is really cold and summer too hot, the temperature is often suffocating in estremadure in summer.

Spring in Badajoz

One of the best time to go in Badajoz for the climate.

The best month is definitely the month of May, with very long days and an influx of tourists still low.

Autumn in Badajoz

September is almost too hot to go in this region of Extremadura, we recommend late September to mid October, you will be in tshirt, rainfall is not frequent and certainly not last long in this season.

Spanish Extremadura trip tips

Unfortunately, this region does not have an important hotel offer, which is a shame because a small residence with swimming pool in summer would be great, the area is very well served by motorways who are free !

If you go to Cadiz, Seville and Tarifa feel free to go back and visit Caceres and its walled city or Mérida and its ancient Roman town, this is a good break and almost without others km, it's far better than the highway area !

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