Dates for Semana Santa 2017 in Spain

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Holy Week in Spain or Semana Santa in original version is the most important holiday in all of Spain.

When is the Holy week in Spain 2017

In the Christian and Catholic countries the semana santa takes place from 9 April 2017 to 15 April 2017 also in Spain :)

The whole country produces its own processions throughout Spain: Valencia, Toledo, Cadiz, Granada ... From Galicia to Catalonia and from the North to Andalusia, all Spain celebrates the Semana Santa.

The program of semana santa 2017

The biggest cities of Spain celebrates this week with many events as in Seville where it's the biggest fiesta of the year with Feria de Abril :)

Sunday on 9th April 2017.

The Holy Monday, April 10, 2017.

The Holy Tuesday 11 April 2017.

The Holy Wednesday April 12, 2017.

The Holy Thursday April 13, 2017.

The Holy Friday, April 14, 2017.

The Holy Saturday April 15, 2017.

Be careful : in some cities the festivities continue on Sunday 16 April 2017 as in Sevilla.

How to go to the semana santa 2017 in Spain

First of all you have to book your accommodation well in advance especially at the seaside or the locals trusts appartments and hotels and also in the big cities as in Sevilla of course!

Then contact the tourist offices to know the various events and schedules of this one to enjoy the Semana Santa.

If you do not wish to participate or see the celebrations of Semana Santa but rather visit the country ... then change your dates !!!

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The dates of Semana Santa in Spain