Fire in Elche Palm grove

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Fire and panic in the night of Friday, June 28 to Saturday to June 29, 2019 in the palm grove of Elche in the communauty of Valencia near Alicante.

4 criminals fire starts this night !

Chronology of fire starts in Elche

The first fire departure occurred at 1 am in the heart of the Palm Grove in La Hoya on June 29th.

Then two starts of almost simultaneous fires occurred around 2:30 in the morning.

The last fire in Elche appeared around 6 am near the CV-851 road.

Firefighters worked on these fires throughout the night until the early morning to secure the surroundings of the lights so that there was no recovery.

Who triggered the Elche fires

According to the police and the fire brigade the simultaneous nature of the second wave of the fire and the characteristics of the fires, it is an arsonist who is at the origin.

He is actively sought after with calls to witnesses.

What are the damages in the palm grove of Elche

Let's first remember that the Elche Palm Grove is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest Palm Grove in Europe.

There are about 250000 palm trees in the palm grove and it is 8000 palm trees which were affected or even destroyed in the fires of June 2019.

Maybe you find that little but it's still holes that disfigure this beautiful setting that is the palm grove of Elche.

If you want to see the visit of Elche follow us.

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Palm in fire in Elche

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