Plane crash in Spain August 2019

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A military plane of the Spanish army crashed into the sea in the municipality of the Manga del Mar Menor in the region of Murcia.

It is a type C-101 aircraft quite common in the Spanish army.

The plane was in exercises, remember that the airport is very close to San Javier and that the military base and its airport is based next to Murcia: the Alcantarilla airport.

Where did the plane crash at La Manga del Mar Menor?

The plane crashed into the sea on the Mediterranean side and not the inner sea side.

It crashed at sea on the morning of Monday, August 26, 2019 at 9:30 at the zoco shops one of the busiest places on the peninsula and the Manga.

A person missing at sea

The army announced that there was only one person on board, the pilot of the plane.

Maneuvers are underway to try to save this one, even if the spit leaves little hope.

Lot of people assist at this crash

The scene was followed by hundreds of people who immediately alerted 112 emergency services.

Videos of the spit are spinning on the internet since this morning and we can see the force of the impact when touching the sea with water that climbs several meters high.

Here is a photo from the lighthouse of La Manga.

NB : aiports are totally open in Murcia.

This crash arrive one day after the one in Mallorca where 7 persons was dead.

Plane crash in Spain August 2019
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Plane Crashed in the mediterranean sea in Spain

La Manga del Mar Menor assist at a plane crash