A 2 meters Ray is saved on the beach in Torrevieja

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Yesterday, July 29, 2018, a Manta ray ran aground on the famous beach of Mata in Torrevieja in the south of the Valencian Community between Alicante and Carthagen.

The arrival of the big fish on the beach of La Mata

Some people thought they saw a fin and therefore naturally thought of a shark, everyone came out of the water very quickly.

The gigantic fish which measures not far from 2 meter has created a small panic among vacationers and locals enjoying the seaside of the seaside town of Torrevieja.

The rescue of the Manta Ray

The local police intervened and the decision was made to use the jet ski to literally fire the line off Torrevieja, the operation lasted only a few minutes around noon in late July 2018.

The hardest part was placing the Ray on a small boat for people with handicap to tow it off.

The Ray was released 3 Miles from the coast of the beautiful Costa Blanca.

People applauded the rescuers on their return from this rescue that everyone on the beach will remember for a long time.

Why a Manta like that arrive on the beach ?

Everybody, specialist, policemen and tourists are ok on one thing : fishermen have released the animal after having caught in their net !

A story so sad that finish well

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how a ray was save in Torrevieja

A big fish saved in south Valencia Community