Going in Spain without speaking spanish

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Well if the question is : With The english langage, can i spend holidays in Spain, the response is at 90 % YES.

Choice your hotels or villas in Spain to speak your langage

To be sure to have someone who speak your langage or English, you have to reserve on website like booking, where you see all langages of your hotel.

But there is 10 % of NO, like if you want an agrotourism in deep Spain. But really young people speak a correct English ( just speak slowly, I say that for british that speak very fast everywhere ).

If you want to try to learn some words for restaurants, hotels or others situations, we try to learn you the basics elements :

Try to speak spanish at the restaurant

The solution for non spanish persons is to go to the restaurant with menu, either in different langages, either with the pictures of the food ( but be careful, this not always the real picture ).

But if you want to eat real Spain food, i will be you i should go in little restaurant with tapas to start, then you can eat :

- huevos fritos = fried eggs

- Paella or Arroz = Arroz is rice with different things, chicken, shrimp or peppers.

- boquerones = Fried anchovies

- bocadillos = sandwiches

- Pulpo a la Gallega = Galician octopus (really good)

And drink beer (caña for small beer) or wine.

Of course there is a lot of choices and will be find many others things.

To have the bill, you will say "La Cuenta" ... por favor.

At the supermarket

Nothing to say, you find a supermarket like Mercadona, Al Campo, Carrefour or other and you buy what you want.

But the big moment is when you pay, the spain woman or man at the cash register, they will ask you 2 questions very important for those who don't learn Spanish :

Bolsa ? That mean shopping bag, you respond to this question by "Si" ( if you want one ) or "No" (if you don't want any bag).

Con tarjeta ? If you want to pay with your credit card.

To continue

In general you will have a lot of personns that speak English in Spain, Restaurant, Hotels but less in supermarket.

But they will appreciate a lot when you try to say Hello (Hola) or Thank you (Gracias) or goodbye (Hasta Luego or Adios) in Spanish and not in English.

Spend a good time in this beautiful country that is Spain.

Going in Spain without speaking spanish
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How to go to Spain when you don't speak Spanish