Spain in October

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If the climate changes in the South, it changes dramatically in Northern Spain and you can feel the cool autumn air and water temperature

The weather in October in Spain

In the month of October if you want to enjoy the last rays of the sun, go to the south of Spain whatever warm days exist elsewhere.

Climate in Spain in October North Atlantic

Rain reappeared in as of October including Galicia but beautiful days still exist in the Basque country and even though the days are short you could still enjoy the sea especially in the early months October.

Climate between Barcelona and Alicante in October

Days offers beautiful walks but the breeze September gave way to a cooler wind slightly in October, a jumper is often welcome in the evening, becoming indispensable in the second half of October.

Climate in central Spain in October

Especially in central Madrid it feels the first steps of cold especially at night it's downright cold due to the altitude of the city (600 meters anyway), while a little further south to Badajoz temperatures can still be summer (30 degrees) but increasingly rare late October (20 degrees)

Council destination in October in Spain

Beach in Spain in October

Race to Alicante, this is the best time to enjoy the sea and the wonders of the Valencian community, because if the weather is nice you can enjoy long beautiful beaches and if the weather gets a little cooler there as and so many visits to be carried around Alicante.

Travel tip *** in Spain in October

If you leave the month or the middle of the month, starting with Valencia and then slowly lower to Alicante or Murcia see walks and beaches are more beautiful than others, October is the month of the temperate climate for this region. Do not forget your swimsuit to make a splash in Alicante, Altea and Benidorm.

Spain in October
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