Spain in April

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April marks a turning point in the Spanish climate as temperatures rise throughout the country and the last snow fade, but it's also the month of Easter and semana santa in Spain who are the most followed by holiday the Spaniards.

The weather in April in Spain

Northern Spain has a pretty random at this time climate but the south has beautiful day in April.

Weather Spain North Atlantic in April

The sweetness is in as the month more often pleasant with warm days, unfortunately it's still the North Atlantic with rains that do not prevent, so in your bags: bathing suits and jackets, temperatures are the big difference between 10 and 23 degrees depending on the day!

Weather in Spanish mediterranean North in April (Barcelona Alicante)

The area of the Costa Brava in northern Spain may experience good days but beware the influence of nearby mountain peak can cause beautiful days of rain !!!

The rains that may be present further south to Valencia fades nonetheless and it is widely possible to go to the beach most days to Alicante because it is not uncommon as in 2014 to reach 30 degrees and more at month end.

Weather in Southern Spain in April (from Alicante to Huelva)

The climate is becoming more enjoyable is that summer temperatures are often found on the side of Murcia and Malaga cool nights helps blow and the sun does not yet suffer too.

the only problem this time is the presence of some gale and seawater capping at best at 18 degrees! Shame because it's really exotic without being too far from the Francophone countries in Europe and especially from the semana santa, prices are still very soft.

Weather in central Spain in April (Madrid)

The sun's rays become common, however the nights are still very fresh, the scenery is green, it is a beautiful month to visit the center of Spain.

Council in April destination in Spain

Beach in Spain in April

We recommend the area from Alicante to Cartagena (Murcia), as this area is often protected from the weather from the Atlantic and this is where the water is warmest at that time (the point at 20 degrees are possible) .

Travel tip *** in Spain in April

The smallest region of Murcia Spain has unknown treasures with its capital Murcia, Cartagena and its interior sea or mar menor with warmer waters elsewhere.

The proximity of Alicante and Elche to Unesco heritage is a plus, you can see every day and do a different tour.

Spain in April
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