Holiday in Spain or go Spain without coronavirus summer 2020

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Many of you want to enjoy the heat and therefore your vacation on the beaches and even inland from Spain, despite the coronavirus health crisis. Non-refundable advance booking, irresistible desire to see family or friends or simply the need to discover or rediscover this fantastic country that is Spain even in this 2020 year of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But depending on the regions and the resorts or even the visits, the restrictions can be very strict depending on the decisions of the Spanish communities and regions. And especially of their acceptance by the central government according to the cases of coronavirus.

Precaution to take before departure

To leave for Spain there is not supposed to be quarantine or paper other than your identity card for the inhabitants of the European Union.

However, to be sure of not having problems and to move quickly enough during free border controls and across Spain, a recent negative PCR test certificate will save you time.

If you are not from the same family or the same household (see bringing a family booklet), the mask even in the car is a pledge for the guardia and the other police forces in Spain of your good behavior as a tourist.

Of course the European social security card is to be taken before leaving with your social security center so as not to have any costs to advance (except in pharmacies), but this applies all year 2020 and all past and future years.

The different regional measures in Spain against covid 19 in this summer of 2020

In Spain, we expect a rebound in the epidemic with the opening of bars and restaurants and especially at the beginning of summer the reopening of the borders to holidaymakers on June 21, 2020 without quarantine measures. < / p>

And it does not miss, the cases of virus infections are increasing in this summer of 2020, forcing regions and the state to take more stringent measures.

In Spain for most subjects on the coronavirus it is the Spanish state which decides what should be done or not done according to the different autonomous communities, however this does not prevent cities, communities and provinces from doing recommendations more or less supported by the central government.

The community of Valence will also make it compulsory to wear a mask everywhere at the end of July.

BE CAREFUL :  information from July 18-19, 2020, France and Spain are thinking about a possible partial or complete temporary closure of the borders.

This July 24 the new French Prime Minister announced according to these terms to be in agreement with the Spanish and Catalan authorities for a control at the border with Catalonia and to reduce the traffic at the borders with the East of Spain.

Update in mid July 2020

In fact, for example, on July 17, 620 new cases were recorded in 24 hours, bringing to 1900 cases of detection of coronavirus throughout the country in hospital, this figure is alarming. And 10 dead in a week.

The most affected areas are those of Lugo in Galicia (the city of A Mariña being the black point in Spain) then Lleida in Catalonia which are classified Orange and in strict confinement in July 2020 the Comarca del Segria ( Catalonia) being a particularly confined area where no one enters or leaves.

To a lesser extent but still worrying, the provinces of Huesca and Zaragoza are in the yellow zone warning of the covid.

In mid-July, only 9 provinces have not detected a case: Santa cruz de Tenerife, Seville, Cuenca, Guadalaraja, Salamanca, Zamora, Leon as well as Palencia and Burgos. But the epidemic quickly spreads during this period of school vacations so the barrier gestures multiply to avoid having a health tragedy throughout Spain.

The Catalan authorities recommend strict confinement and the wearing of a mask everywhere even in the street or at the beach in Barcelona and the surrounding municipalities, as well as to avoid any unnecessary displacement, the same applies in the Comarca de la Noguera in Lleida.

Figueras, Villafrant and Lloret de llobregat have known since this weekend at the end of July is also in total containment, this is dangerously close to France and a possible closure of the Catalan and Aragonese border is in all idea of French ans Spain peaple.

In Catalonia, the decision was made to reduce the capacity of bars and restaurants by 50%, with 2 meters between each table. The nightclubs will also be closed like the sports and entertainment halls. The federal court opposed it, but the authorities strongly recommended it and did not hesitate to carry out checks anyway.

In Zaragoza the regional authorities asked the population not to leave the city after numerous hospitalizations (multiplication by 4 of the people admitted to the hospital in 5 days in the city).

In Navarre (Pamplona) there are 58 new cases of covid in this July 17, the government has therefore decided to close the meeting places for young people, these as everywhere not respecting the health security instructions .

In Soria, 20 young people participating in a handball course have been placed in quarantine following the death of their coordinating trainer tested post-mortem positive for coronavirus.

When we say that the virus also circulates with holidaymakers, in Caceres 15 positive cases in mid July were detected positive with the origin of cases imported from France.

Since the end of July, many tourists have returned by car in particular, shortening their holidays for fear of the border closure this summer 2020 between Spain and France.

Holiday in Spain or go Spain without coronavirus summer 2020
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