Spain in june

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June is experiencing heavy heat period in the south against the north climate is not only very nice but the days are very long, enough to thoroughly enjoy his vacation.

The weather in June in Spain

Visit Spain in June is nice except that the crowds of summer are not yet all this.

Weather Spain North Atlantic in June

The weather is rarely bad days, it's time to make a pilgrimage to Saint Jacques de Compostela The ocean :) Enjoy the Gulf Stream which brings water around 20 degrees which is very nice.

Mediterranean weather in Northern Spanish in June (Barcelona Alicante)

The climate is hot at this time on the Costa Brava and further south and the beaches are not crowded, enjoy the summer before summer!

Weather in Southern Spain in June (from Alicante to Huelva)

In June we must already start avoiding the high heat, enjoy the pleasant morning temperatures already warm, but especially for those afternoon with small frequent sea breeze and sea well warmed by late afternoon sunlight .

Note that the streets of Barcelona as Valencia already with periods of hot weather, consider getting a place with air conditioning!

Weather in central Spain in June (Madrid)

The climate of central Spain in June is dry and continental, the lack of wind did a little too hot in the tourist centers but are still nice to visit.

Council in June destination in Spain

Beach in Spain in June

In June we recommend the North Atlantic from Spain to Santander or the days are very pleasant, but if you want to be sure to have good weather the region south of Tarifa is nice because windy, which mitigates some days ambient heat.

Travel tip *** in Spain in June

We advise you to travel in June to Spain to enjoy the sweetness of the Atlantic and visit the cities of Galicia or even to make a foray in northern Portugal to Porto, many natural sites to visit to do with beaches turn pale the most beautiful places in the planête!

Spain in june
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