Spain in July

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Here it is the tourist season begins, however still enjoy this early July because the Spaniards on holiday often darker than in August and early September!

The weather in July in Spain

The visit to Spain is still relatively pleasant, though avoid the hottest hours to visit cities like Seville and Alicante!

Weather Spain North Atlantic in July

The weather is always nice in July in northern Spain in the Atlantic Ocean, the days of beaches can accumulate without too much risk and the ocean becomes warm with temperatures around 22 degrees.

Temperatures become very hot when we returned a little inland as in Pamplona.

Weather in the Mediterranean North Spanish in July (Barcelona Alicante)

The most famous beaches of the Costa Brava as rosas to the beach Benidorm experiencing very high traffic, you have to focus on creeks and small natural park bordering the Mediterranean but if you prefer the animation, you'll be served a heat that can swim easily.

Weather in central Spain in July (Madrid)

If you are looking for freshness in the center of Spain, take an apartment with air conditioning, this will be your only solution!

Enjoy rural casa offering more and more homes with pools and going to visit in the evening Madrid and the surrounding towns that the dark are nice, especially Madrid is 600 meters above sea level.

Council in July destination in Spain

Beach in Spain in July

You really want to enjoy the Spanish beaches in July ... there are solutions especially in parks like the cabo de gata close to Almeria or around the park donana in Andalusia, but in two cases there should be a small hike before or rental boat only see small kayak to easily reach the unreachable beaches host of summer visitor.

Travel tip *** in Spain in July

The Spanish Basque country Enjoy the summer heat with the feast of Pamplona in particular but also beautiful beaches besides the coolness of the Pyrenees where it is good to live fresh.

Spain in July
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