Spain in May

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May marks a turning point in the Spanish climate as temperatures rise throughout the country and the last snow fade, but it's also the month of Easter and semana santa in Spain who are the most followed by holiday the Spaniards.

The weather in May in Spain

the month of May is without doubt one of the most pleasant months to visit Spain from north to south.

Weather Spain North Atlantic in May

From Bilbao to La Coruna the weather gets better in May and it is not uncommon to go to the beach even though the weather can change quickly but it is not uncommon to have around 25 degrees.

Mediterranean weather in Northern Spanish Mai (Barcelona Alicante)

The Hotels are filling up with more and more because the water becomes pratiquable time and rarely rainy although a few showers often appear the night elsewhere.

Weather in Southern Spain in May (from Alicante to Huelva)

Summer temperatures and it is very rare to have 2 consecutive days with rain, the water temperature begins to be around 20 degrees and it's nice to cool off with the sun beginning to burn the skin!

Weather in central Spain in May (Madrid)

May is the month where you can walk in t shirt without suffering from the heat in the center of the large Spanish cities.

Destination board in May in Spain

Beach in Spain in May

The region of Valencia is undoubtedly the most enjoyable because the water is warm enough and you are often protected from some showers from the north or the first hot weather of the south.

Travel tip *** in Spain in May

If you are not very beach or you want through the center of Spain to get to your resort, the central cities in Spain are very nice to visit, Burgos in Zaragoza, the royal cities of central including the capital Madrid, but Caceres and Merida on the road to Seville.

Spain in May
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