Spain in February

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The days are a little longer in February and temperatures rise slowly after the chill of winter, especially in the south.

Climate in February in Spain

As in January we will not invent long beach days in February, it must turn to tours and skiing.

Temperatures in February in Spain North Atlantic

The weather is cold as in January in northern Spain and the temperature remains within 10 degrees, the snow is still falling in the Pyrenees and ski sessions are very enjoyable.

Climate between Barcelona and Alicante in February (Costa Brava and Valencian Community)

The rain is still present north on the Costa Brava despite improved temperatures compared to January through against the more you get less rain but temperatures are present only start to become soft at the end of February to Alicante.

Weather in the center of Spain in February

The weather is dry and cold in the center as Spain in Burgos, Salamanca and of course Madrid and the gel is still present we recall that Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe euopéenne (excluding Andorra).

Climate Alicante to Cadiz and Huelva in February

If the wind blows in Almeria still strong in February to Malaga and Cadiz time calms and often becomes drier so that at the end of the month to enjoy a break from the beach and especially to visit under the sun.

Council in February destination in Spain

Beach in Spain in February

We recommend starting to Cadiz because without certainty is probably the destination that gives more security but it is not summer does not dream!

Travel tip *** in Spain in February

Again this is a month for the South because you can enjoy the sweetness of Cadiz or Malaga region but also tours of Granada and a fortune to drive away the ski Pradollano is the largest resort of Spain with more than 60 ski slopes.

NOTE in February: No school holidays in Spain so enjoy the remoteness of our country to go skiing in southern Spain, there are few people and the snow is still very good.

Spain in February
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