Spain in August

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Spending a holiday in August is not easy by the influx of tourists but also by high temperatures across much of the country with temperatures above 40 degrees!

The climate in Spain in August

In Spain it is the peak season you really have to look to find the corners with less people, however, everything is open and some resorts day and night because the temperature at night is very nice almost everywhere.

Climate in Spain in the North Atlantic in August

This is a perfect time if you want to enjoy the unique beaches of Galicia which gives the turnstiles Spanish tourists but are somewhat popular with foreign tourists, temperatures are consistently around 25 degrees with water that can reach 25 degrees!

Weather in the Mediterranean North Spanish in August (Barcelona Alicante)

The heat is strong and very hot water but the population is very large it is the only problem with postcard scenery and beautiful blue sky.

Weather in central Spain in August (Madrid)

Here it is the Spaniards went on vacation, you can still enjoy the warmth desolate cities to visit.

Council destination in Spain in August

Beach in Spain in August

Besides giving you the same advice for the month of July with the natural park and the north of Galicia with its beaches it takes a bit away after joining a beautiful walk.

If you have the means you can reach the very touristy beach towns or nightclubs and other entertainment are nice at night but during the day it will pay a mattress for a minimum of tranquility ...

Travel tip *** in Spain in August

Enjoy the desertion of cities in central and happiness of the climate of northern Spain for a circuit (Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca) and the cities of the sea as Bilbao and La Coruna ...

Spain in August
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