High speed train AVE in Spain 2018

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The high speed train in Spain is "AVE", Spain in 2017 celebrated 25 years of high-speed train and has never stop the expansion of them network.

International high speed train in Spain 2018

Four main lines are already in use in Spain to and from France:

Madrid - Barcelona - Marseille.

Paris - Barcelona.

Lyon - Barcelona.

Toulouse - Barcelona.

With the Barcelona to Paris high speed train you can access to european network of high speed train from Belgium, netherland, England and Italian Connection.

And with the access of high speed train in Spain, effectively from Barcelone you can access directly to Madrid, Seville, Alicante ( Murcia in 2018) and others big cities !

The new stations served by the AVE in 2018 in Spain

This year 2018 is a new big year for high speed in Spain, large cities will be connected to the rail network and to the AVE.

New Cities connected in 2018 to AVE

Castellon de la plana, Burgos, Granada, Murcia. A good thing to not take the airplane for internal roads.

Other remarkable works will be completed in 2018

The most important is the connection in the heart of Madrid of the 2 main stations of Atocha and Chamartin by a connection in the basement.

Other works and works will be implemented in 2018 as connections with Galicia that has been waiting for this for a long time as the Ourense - Zamora connection.

But other destinations with changes are possible in the south of France such as Agde, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Beziers, Carcassonne, Montpellier, Narbonne, Nimes, Sete, Valencia from Barcelona in particular.

For Remember the high-speed train in Spain is the second largest in the world with no less than 3146 kilometers of rails on the first of January 2018! Just behind China.

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The maps of high speed train in 2018 in Spain

Where are the destination in Train in Spain for 2018