Snow in Spain in February 2018

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The snow arrives on the north of Spain from Asturias to Catalonia as well as on the summits of Valencia.

Pamplona has a disturbed traffic in particular. San Sebastian and Bilbao have a lot of snow and the beach of "La Concha" is under Snow.

Snows even cover the coasts of Catalonia, like in the Costa Brava coast, where there is 5 cm of snow.

Access to France from San Sebastian and Bilbao are cut in both directions, due to a lot of snow in the south of France like in the Autovia 63 from France !

The access to France and Spain is momentaly close near the border with the roads A9 France and AP-7 in Spain.

Why there is snow this february 2018 in Spain

Because the storm Emma brings precipitates important (as in the south on Andalusia like Cadiz, Malaga) and it mixes with the Cold air hitting Europe, which brings this snow in abundance.

All should return to normal at the maximum end of the day of February 28, 2018.

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Road are cut and spain under snow

North of spain under snow this february 2018