Why Zidane leave Madrid

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Zidane in a press conference accompanied by Fiorentino Perez at 13:00 has just announced his departure from the bench of Real Madrid, without really explaining the why of how.

Zidane the coaching record

He has just won his third league of champions as a coach with Real, but it's a total of 9 trophies won in the space of 2 years and a half.

Why he leave Madrid now

Several hypotheses are to work, the truth is undoubtedly a mix of these reasons of the departure of zizou.

The diplomatic reason

Training Real Madrid is a difficult task for all coaches, the duration of 3 years is already priceless, but like all major clubs must know how to give a breath of fresh air to a team at the top of his game.

The results with Madrid

In Madrid you have to win everything, even the championship, and especially the Spanish championship, and on that occasion the year was not the best for Real de Madrid, especially with chaotic beginnings.

The victory in the league of the champions undoubtedly saved Zinedine Zidane but another year would have perhaps sounded the end on the bench of Real.

The pressure in the bench of real

At Real Madrid everyone is under pressure, especially the coach, it can probably tire a little nervously.

The french team

And after ? Why not when the contract of Didier Deschamps arrive at the end... but that should not be in the immediate future.

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Zidane leave the Real Madrid team

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