Bad weather in Spain, north to south and east to west this September

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In this late summer 2019 in Spain, the weather is again so bad, rain, wind and waves in the mediteranean sea.

The weather is definitely changing in Spain in late summer 2019, after a first cold drop that crossed the country from Galicia to the Balearic Islands, Andalusia will suffer this second blade of bad weather.

A depression must cross Spain from north to south and east to west

Ocean bad weather go to mediteranean sea and Balearic Islands.

This Monday, September 9, 2019, it is Cantabria in the north of Spain that had the first arrival of the cold drop. Then this disturbance of high pressures should cross the Iberian Peninsula from north to south crossing the center of the country Tuesday, September 10th and finally arrive in Andalusia this Wednesday, September 11th, 2019.

The Spanish weather agency (AEMET) said to put orange all Andalusia on alert and the two enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the African continent.

From Catalonia to Andalusia all the Mediterranean side in Spain should be affected

But this Tuesday it is Catalonia and the Balearic Islands who are on the alert Orange, rain, storm and coastal events.

Then Wednesday it will be the whole community of Valencia and still Balearic, definitely a beautiful month of September this year 2019 in the Balearic Islands.

The disturbance should then follow the coastline to Andalucia and even Murcia on Wednesday and Thursday 11 and 12 September 2019.

A cold drop that will stay in Spain in this month of September

The intense weather phenomenon is expected to last until Friday September 13, 2019 in Spain.

Rainfall in some places should be more than 60 mm / hour, ie torrents of water and certainly floods in Spain. As often in late summer early fall.

Bad weather in Spain, north to south and east to west this September
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All Spain add a bad weather in this mid September