Big fire in Valencia's Oceanographic July 2019

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On the morning of Tuesday, July 9, 2019, an impressive fire broke out around the oceanographic area of Valencia.

It's a thick column of smoke that was visible even from the highway that bypasses Valencia.

Where was the fire in Valencia?

The fire occurred in a tower adjoining the shark area of the marine animal park. This tower was prefabricated and therefore gives off a thick black smoke.

No injuries but a great fright

Not far from 1400 people, visitors, guides and other personnel were evacuated, big rescue operation.

According to the firefighters, there are no wounded people in and around the building, but the relief workers evacuated the area to put people safe and not to take risks.

The fire is under the control of the fire brigade and the park should resume normal activity as early as the afternoon of July 9 or July 10, 2019.

Big fire in Valencia's Oceanographic July 2019
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A part of oceanographic of Valencia CIty in fire

Oceanographic close after fire