New fast train city lines in Spain this summer 2019

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The rail network and especially high speed in Spain (AVE), is growing ever larger and more in almost every corner of Spain.

On June 26, 2019, the city of Granada will be connected to the rest of the Spanish high-speed train network.

In fact, this great city of Andalusia was one of the last not to be connected, while Cordova, Seville, Cadiz and Malaga had been for a long time.

New lines will be set up from and to Granada by RENFE.

New train lines for Andalusia this summer

New lines Time to go Distance Price for train in Granada
Madrid - Grenade 3H05 568 km start 35 euros
Barcelone - Grenade 6H25 850 km start 45 euros

And yes rally the capital of Spain in train since Granada it will now be possible in 3 hours. Against nearly 4 hours before the installation of this line at high speed and more than 4 hours by the highway.

While going from Barcelona to Granada will not take more than 6:30, against more than 9 hours by road. At the price of gasoline this is better the AVE train

Enough to open up prospects and plan a tourist trip to Spain, thus being able to cross the country without getting tired.

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now this is possible and fast to do Barcelona - Granada in high speed train

Andalusia add a new city in 2019 to have the fast train