What are the prices of diesel and unleaded petrol in Spain

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The prices in Spain are very differents, it depends of the station and the communauty (region of Spain where you are, effectively there is a tax that depend of the part of the country).

The different gas stations in Spain

In spain you have 3 sorts of gas station :

  1. The normal stations, like Repsol, BP. This is not the best prices like everywhere i think !
  2. The stations of Supermarket with Carrefour, Al Campo or newest Leclerc (price 15 centimes less than normal station in Spain).
  3. The discounts stations, you have to do the refueling yourself (price low cost with until 20 - 25 centimes by Liter of regular diesel or regular unleaded).

The Canarias Island are not taxed like Spain

Be careful, in Canarias Islands the price is better, there is near than no taxes for petrol, tobacco and others things (tax near 4%).

Prices of the differents petrols in Spain

These fuel prices are indicative, it's an average of differents stations and it depends on your exchange rate. This is just view globally the difference between your country and Spain.

Be careful these prices for each gas is by liter (and not gallons like in USA). 1 gallon is equal to 3,785 liter.

Currency / fuel SP95 SP98 Diesel GPL
Price of Spain fuel in Euro 1,34 € 1,48 € 1,25 € 0,70 €
Price of Spain fuel in Livre sterling 1,17 £ 1,29 £ 1,09 £ 0,61 £
Price of Spain fuel in USD 1,50 $ 1,66 $ 1,22 $ 0,69 $
Price of Spain fuel Canadian Dollar 2,03 CAD 2,24 CAD 1,85 CAD 1,06 CAD
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