Rain and wind in Spain April 2019

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Since 19 April, the Mediterranean coast of Spain undergoes severe rainfall and heavy gusts of wind.

Records of rain and wind are being broken between Almeria and Catalonia, records that are 50 years old!

Torrevieja is at the center of the biggest disturbances with in places more than 200 liters of water falling per square meters.

Access to Cartagena, Murcia and Torrevieja are even partly cut off this Sunday, April 21, 2019.

The Easter festivities are of course disturbed.

The rupture of a catenary further north to Tarragonne because of the winds to dock 10 trains!

The Balearic Islands are under strong gusts of wind.

But the most spectacular rains are in the Albacete region, where torrents of water flow down the mountains like the Rio Mundo.

The next few days may be the same, winds and precipitation will spoil the weather after Holy Week.

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