Climate Cordoba

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Going to CordobaThe climate of Cordoba is very hot in summer and better than Granada and Sevilla.

What is the weather in Cordoba  January February March April May June July August September October November December
Average temperature Cordoba  9  11  13  16  19  23  27  28  24  19  14  11
temperature min Cordoba  3  4  5  10  13  16  18  20  16  13  9  6
temperature max Cordoba  14  17  20  22  25  31  35  36  32  25  18  15
Average days in Tshirt Cordoba  0  2  4  10  19  27  29  29  23  18  8  1

When flying to Cordoba

Cordoba is sympatic to visit between Spring and early winter, but January and February: that's very cold in Cordoba

The only real difference between the climate in Andalusia Sevilla and Cordoba is the temperature in the night.

To visit Cordoba in Spring

Spring mountains around Cordoba make a good light on ramparts of Cordoba and the Cathedral / Mosque, this is our favorite season to visit Cordoba. We say it again but in Semana Santa because everything is more expensive and there are more people in Cordoba, now if you like crowds and you have the money then go to Cordoba in April!

Visit Cordoba in Summer

For Spaniards, tourists are crazy, not as much as Seville because there is a little more wind but it gets really hot, you must take water  (remember to take an hotel with air conditioning ! ).

The colors of autumn in Cordoba

From September to October, temperatures are most pleasant and the colors at nightfall are often magnificent with the monuments of Cordoba.

We prefer to advise you that in October,there is some rain but often less than in November where disturbances from the Atlantic can influence bad climate in Cordoba.

Travel Tips for Cordoba

The top if you have a whole week to visit Granada and Sevilla, go to Sevilla first ena go to Granada before finish in the week end in Cordoba, the loop is easy with a rental car, we recommend April and October (excluding semana santa) for this loop.

Climate Cordoba
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