Top caves in Spain

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Spain due to its mountainous terrain has a very large number of caves, some of which can be visited much of the year as a whole of Nerja close to Malaga. The highest concentration is in the Picos de europa north of Spain.

Here we present those that can be visited by ordinary travelers like us.

Caves in spain

Cave of Nerja

It is a huge hidden chapel has 3 entries and is easily accessible by the Autovía del Mediterráneo.

The cave closes almost never, only on January 1 and May 15 have closed doors.

It takes 1-2 hours to take your time, this cave is really worth a visit!

Cave of Altamira

North of the country santillana del mar prehistoric cave Altamira although breeding is very faithful to the original, it contains many prehistoric rock works.

The price is a bit high for the short visit but we do not see this every day, year-round.

It should be noted that it is part of a set of Paleolithic caves.

Cave Canelobre

Located near Alicante caves are located at high altitudes and accessible only by car.

Renowned deepest cave in Spain, visit worth the trip through geological formations that have produced centuries and share the beautiful outdoor environment that alone is worth a detour.

Cave El puerto

Located Calasparra this cave can only be reached by road if we want to get there, it offers fabulous views, little even after finance course (40 €) for a ride with a caver.

To keep it if the weather is bad in the area!

Briefly about the caves in Spain

However, many other caves exist we only give easy access for all, and that seems to be the most beautiful caves in Spain.

For those who speak Spanish site is well done, it is the association of caves in Spain, if you ask us we will make a small practice translation :)

Top caves in Spain
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