Top mountains all over Spain

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The question sounds simple like that, but do we talk about the continental Spain, or should we include the Spanish Islands?

The culminating point in Spain

The highest peak of continental Spain

Taking into account only mainland Spain, the highest point is located in the south of the country, in the magnificent Sierra Nevada in Andalusia where 2 peaks are facing above the ski resort of Pradollano:

The Mulhacen and the Pico Veleta, but it is the Mulhacen that dominates Spain at 3482 meters above the sea, which we also see from the top, guaranteed show.

The highest peak in Spain with the islands

But the highest peak is in the Canary Islands at the summit of the Teide volcano at 3718 meters above sea level on the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Teide Natural Park.

The highest peaks in Spain

After these 2 peaks, others are notable in Spain, indeed the country is the second in Europe at medium altitude, there is mountain everywhere.

Highest point in the Pyrenees

This is the Aneto in the province of Huesca at 3404 meters above sea level.

Highest point of the Balearic Islands

It is located in the Sierra de Tramontana north of the main island of Mallorca at 1445 meters high.

Highest point in the Valencian Community

This is Alto de las Barracas at 1839 meters followed closely by Penyagolosa at 1883 meters above sea level.

Highest point of the Picos de Europa

Located in the north of Spain, this vast group of mountains has its summit at 2650 meters above sea level in Torre de Cerredo.

High point of Galicia

It is at Pena Trevinca with an altitude of 2127 meters, all the same, you do not expect when you think of Galicia, but if the region is steep.

Highest point in the Madrid region

Madrid is the highest capital of the European Union, and all around there are even ski resorts, the highest peak is the Peñalara in the Sierra de Guadarrama near the high city of Avila, it rises to 2428 meters.

Highest point of Catalonia

At 3143 meters in the Catalan Pyrenees, the Pico d'Estats dominates the region of Catalonia.

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The beaches of Spain is better known, however it's a country of mountains, from Galicia to Catalonia and crossing the country.

The highest ski resort in Spain is also located in the south just above Granada in Andalusia.

Top mountains all over Spain
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