Climate Denia

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climate DeniaClimate in Denia is good in Summer and cold on the other season because of the wind

  January February March April May June July August September October November december
avg temperature Denia  11  12  14  17  20  23  25  27  24  20  16  13
temperature min Denia  6  7  9  11  14  18  20  22  18  15  11  8
temperature max Denia  16  16  19  22  25  28  31  32  29  25  21  18
temperature sea Denia  13  14  14  15  17  20  24  25  24  21  18  15
average day in Tshirt Denia  0  0  1  7  20  27  30  31  25  18  10  3
average day on the beach Denia  0  0  0  4  15 24   25  25  20  14  5  0

Best time to go to Denia

The best time to go to Denia is undoubtedly the months of June and September, if you're not afraid of the tourist influx July August will also be good to visit Denia the water is warm but the beaches are often shielded.

The position of Denia in the Valencian Community and just near the Balearic Islands gives it a lot of wind which is very pleasant in the summer a little less off-season because it can reduce the perceived temperature ...

The period to avoid to get to Dénia

From mid-November to late March the climate is tense and winter sets although frosts are ultra rare and does not happen every year !! Think a day temperature rarely below 15 degrees even in January and February but we repeat Dénia is bathed by the winds.

Summer in Dénia

The months of June July August and September are almost guaranteed good weather (in 2014 alone late September was average before resuming with the nice weather all the month of October in the Valencia community, especially in and around Denia) .

The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea can climb up to 26 degrees in August and even in September so that your summer swimming is super nice.

Spring in Dénia

From April to June temperatures rise quickly Dénia, it happens to have a spring or you can go every day to the beach and enjoy the coves and beaches, however, it also happens to have windy conditions or even stormy for less than a week (rare in June).

After the summer in Dénia

September is the month on top for Denia we recommend mid-September, hot water and relatively long day even after October is often nice especially in the first half after this can be good until mid-November but the day are shorts.

Climate Denia
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