Climate Valencia

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Climate In ValenciaThe Weather In Valencia is mediterranean beetween the climate in Barcelona with cold winter and Alicante who had one of the better weather in Spain.

  January February March April May June July August September October November december
Average temperature Valencia  12  12  14  15  19  22  23  25  23  20  15  12
temperature min Valencia  7  8  9  11  14  18  20  21  19  15  10  8
temperature max Valencia  16  15  18  20  23  26  29  30  27  24  19  16
sea temperature Valencia  14  14  15  16  18  22  25  27  24  21  17  15
Average days with Tshirt Valencia  2  3  7  15  22  27  30  31  28  16  10  2
Average days on the beach inValencia  0  0  4  11  18  24  28  30  22  11  6  0

When to go to Valencia

Valencia is the beginning of the Valencian community on the road to the south of Spain and the start of a pleasant climate in Spring and Autumn in Spain.

To Visit Valencia ( Oceanografic, visit Valencia, Roman Sagunto)

Valencia can be visited in any period, it's the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, there is all the time the same life because of the big university (not in summer of course) The climate is very pleasant but in winter there is a lot of periods of wind near the sea.

We recommend you to visit Valencia from April to May and from mid September to mid October because the weather is good and the tourists are not like summer !! This is important to see Oceanographic and dolphins.

You can go in Valencia over the year but if you want to visit and not stay on beach mid October to start of November is a good time (Warning against by not cohincider with the Semana Santa who is the most important holidays in Spain, which is only 3 hours from Madrid and Barcelona !).

To enjoy the mediterranean Beach In Valencia

If you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Valencian region or even its center you have to go early May to late September in Valencia. If you are not afraid to the tourists and the hot summer in July August you can go to the best beaches of Valencia communauty like Cullera in the south of Valencia .

The water is 18 degrees in May and starts to get hot from mid June to late August a non-refreshing temperature of 27 degrees, you get into the water you come out sweating sweaty :) But do not panic, in the morning and in the evening it becomes pleasant, enjoy the day for walks or visit !

Climate Valencia
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