Top 10 beaches Spain

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Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Spain according to our criteria weather! We included wild beaches and urban beaches but especially great beaches and normally we do not walk on the third line.

1) The Cabo de Gata - Almeria

Natural Park Cabo de Gata Andalusia has some of the finest beaches in Spain out of a lot is difficult, but the most beautiful volcanic sand is attributed to the playa Monsul with its natural surroundings as you reach a track well serviced from the city of San josé near Almeria.

2) Cape Trafalgar - Cadiz

Beach Trafalgar capo on the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Andalusia between Cadiz and Tarifa has made in Caribbean colors or you can practice diving which is quite rare in Atlantic Europe.

3) Tarifa - end of Europe

We must choose a third, and Tarifa is no shame in this podium, the beach stretches for several kilometers on a beautiful sandy end, you can practice all the sports of skiing in front of Morocco, the setting is impressive and when the sea is calm the water is emerald!

4) San Juan de los terreros - Almeria

Unexpected for beach lovers Spain as less known, but the water is as warm as Alicante without incurring the costs of current Almeria, the sand is fine and the water is clear, again on a next to the beach a few rocks used to make "deep safaris" to see the local fish and crabs.

5) Alicante and san juan de Alicante

Beach city center of Alicante is probably the best urban beach in all of Spain, it will be seen on the sand, but especially for the castle of Santa Barbara overlooking the beach, the colors are incredible and it is believed easily in the tropics!

Note the range of san juan de Alicante nearby and even greater if you can not find a way to Alicante.

6) San Sebastian - pais vasco

The only beach in the North Atlantic as relatively immune to the weather shall I say ... Oh yes it is rotten to the beaches of St. Sebastien in the Basque country Spaniard of being in the city has a warmer climate . Not to mention climate, the beaches are nice and large and pratiquable surf most of the year.

Apologies to the beaches of Galicia and Mundaka beautiful but it's a top 10 beautiful beaches or it's nice !!!

7) Altea - Valencia

Altea with its famous beaches between peak has an exceptional view, it is only a pity that the buildings are so close to the beach, it's a little scary for the future with the rising water so go there now to enjoy.

8) Rosas - Costa Brava

Roses Beach on the Costa Brava is located in the heart of the Bay of Roses, it has a large promenade that allows you to do the trick.

9) Benidorm - Valencia

The beaches of Benidorm while very urban are among the prettiest of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, they are shared by a boardwalk that allows a beautiful view of Poniente and Levante in Benidorm.

10) mar menor - Murcia

The beaches of the mar menor in the province of Murcia has a completely sand at the edge of the texture of the salt, there are two kinds of beaches, those to the Mediterranean and the inner ones forming an extraordinary marine lake with very hot water the beautiful blue.

Your ideas to choose from the most beautiful beaches in Spain and it's nice!

Do not hesitate to contact us to give us your ideas ranking of the best beaches in Spain.

Top 10 beaches Spain
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