Near Tarifa : England city Gibraltar

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Nearby Tarifa : Gibraltar

This British colony is located 2.50km from La Linea de la Concepcion, city including the construction of military fortifications in 1730. Do not hesitate to make a detour through the small streets of the city center.

  Gibraltar is a huge rock placed on the edge of the Mediterranean. Its name comes from the Arabic JabalTariq (جبلطارق), "Mount of Tariq" named TariqibnZiyad. It was the subject of fierce fighting, was taken by the Catholic Monarchs and again controlled by the Nasrid before being conquered in 1462. Gibraltar remained Spanish until 1704 and then became a strategic base for the Royal Navy. To date, Spain still claims the territory.
  Apart from visiting the old city including its largest square "Grand Casemates Square," glassware craft "Gibraltar Crystal," do not forget to browse Main Street, the main shopping street which takes you to the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned then the old mosque Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Gibraltar holds many wonders ...
  My favorite is undoubtedly the Upper Rock Nature Reserve on top of the rock I advise you to walk even if it requires a good physical condition. After visiting the museum, you will have the opportunity to access Apes'Den the ravine monkeys, Barbary apes populated released and last of its kind in Europe. By cons, if I can afford a tip, do not feed them as do many tourists ...
  Small board last minute, if you want to avoid getting scammed Bring you the pounds faster ... the price of the bus ticket may for example vary from simple to double if you pay in euros ... ditto for parking.

Near Tarifa : England city Gibraltar
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