Visit Murcia in the hot spanish climate

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Murcia is the capital of the smallest community / Spanish province of the same name, it's good to live in the center, squares full of life patronize hour tapas and meals especially breakfast from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and yes it is Spain, the restaurants do not open until 13h - 1:30 p.m.! Customize your schedule.

Cathedral of Murcia

Cathedral of Murcia

Santa maria de Murcia Cathedral is beautiful and is really the heart of the historic center of Murcia, monumental it is even difficult to have an overview apart front both streets are close and moving around.

The monument is impressive art and is an ideal starting point for excursions in Murcia. The cathedral was built on the site of a former Arab mosque as often in Spain. It was begun in 1385 and to new developments were made in October 1467. Due to its construction time and the origins of populations lived in the region of Murcia there are three architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. What makes a cathedral of the most original and beautiful, definitely SEE!)

The interior is nice but it really is for believers and lovers of sharp religious art - the uninitiated it is a big church ...

The Episcopal Palace of Murcia

The thirteenth century, the architecture of palacio Espiscopal faces the Cathedral, the Bishop Mateo decided to have a residence where he could see the cathedral, it was realized according to his wishes, the architecture is derived from the Italian palaces of 16-17th century that breaks with the styles of the cathedral.

The arenas of Murcia

Land of Spain, where bullfighting is culture, arenas are included in the city, again impossible to have an overall, however they are well maintained view.

Around Murcia To visit or see

The Jeronimos monastery in the huerta

A few kilometers from the center, in the garden you will find the Jeronimos Monastery, a monastery belonging to the Order Jeronimos, it is very nice to get away from the bustling city life to relax in the garden.


When you come to the beaches of Murcia or Alicante palm UNESCO Elche you can not miss the ancient walls with after the Castillo de Monteagudo on the road.

Visit Murcia in the hot spanish climate
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