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Location of SaguntTheater roman in Sagunte

From a distance you can not miss the fortress of Saguntum Sagunto in Spanish or whatever your itinerary, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Alicante fortress is located right in front of you on a hill rising to nearly 600 meters, arm yourself good shoes or flip flops by taking your time.

The old town of Saguntum

When you arrive in Sagunto follow centro cuidad and you will find yourself on a large central square, if you find a place please, the place is at the foot of the old town and the highest ruins.

The old town is medieval and semi pedestrian, it is a pleasure to stroll through the narrow streets with typical street signs, small bodega are expensive for Spain but very nice if you have time ... a lot time, there are several well-preserved monumental gates with churches.

Climbing you have 2 choices: go through the restored Roman theater in a big way or climb the temple and the medieval fortress, we recommend you begin with the Roman theater of Saguntum.

The Roman city of Saguntum

The Roman Theatre of Sagunte

That spectacle of a Roman amphitheater almost entièremment restored and free!

What to say except look at the pictures ...

The Roman Temple of Sagunto

The temple is in the upper part of the Roman city at the top, very well preserved, shame we can not enter the temple.

The fortress and the castle of Saguntum

All around the temple there are large walls and a magnificent medieval chateau age, although these are ruins but which scopes and what fantastic views of the sea.

El Puerto de Sagunto

A desire to cool off after or before visiting Saguntum then please go to the beach in el puerto de Sagunto, arriving in the port city will make you a little scared but beyond that the beach near Valencia is large and equipped with all what is necessary, toilets, restaurant and shops ... good beach.

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Valencia beachVisit of Valencia

Valencia has almost royal marina a beautiful sandy beach popular with students, atmosphere guaranteed, parents should ask about studies leus offspring tourists but it is nice game of volleyball and football on the beach in Valencia are numerous almost all year.

Historic Valencia

Valencia visit Old Town

The old Valencia

Valencia is primarily a Mediterranean town with its cobbled streets and it is good to walk at night for some tapas with the locals of the city but also the vast student community that animates the city throughout the year, why leave during the holidays there is the sea and beautiful beaches in Valencia !!!

Cathedral of Valencia

Located just off the Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia is a beautiful cathedral.

The central market of Valencia

The Silk Exchange in Valencia is under protection of UNESCO, it is one of the largest market in Europe, it is representative of Gothic architecture, one can walk for very long. Its name literally means "silk market".

Museums valence

We can not all decrires because Valencia has numerous museums, the most fun for me as an uneducated is undoubtedly the Valencia Fallas Museum which describes the festivities in March with its giant, Las Fallas festival in Valencia.

For the rest if you like ceramic ...

Note all the same for those who love the art museum of fine art san pio V in Valencia with the works of great artists Spanish

Plaza del Ayuntamiento Valencia

Here is the most representative of the city of Valencia architecture with his side almost "Austrian" monumental but very nice, the scenery is guaranteed, there is near many original buildings as the plaza de toros that affects the large station north. But of course also the mayor of Valencia.

New areas of Valencia

The gardens of the Turia in Valencia

The Turia river crossing in time ancestral city of Valencia, dry it became a long green corridor 9km, the lungs in Valencia many cyclists and runners come play sports all the time, but there is incredible really more cooler than the hot streets of Valencia.

The Oceanográfic Valencia

Real gems in Valencia, it is the largest aquarium in Europe, but also in my opinion the most beautiful!

Marvel at the bellugas the dolphin show for children and older children, you will pass through a tunnel or you will be surrounded by sharks and other aquatic wonders, can not describe all the wonders in this guide, one solution: go see the penguins :)

The City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

Futuristic architecture, modern, you will find HEMISFERIC especially in IMAX 3D theater and various museums are inhabited inside

History of Valencia

Valencia was founded in 138 BC by the Romans jc and like many Spanish city the same patterns are reproduced: Arab invasion of the Visigoths and times of the famous al-Andalus and finally it was the capital of the kingdom of Valencia.

Events in Valencia

Las Fallas de Valencia is the most popular festival in Valencia, this festival takes place in Valencia in March, the population of Valencia manufactures "ninots" gigantic cardboard representing manufacturing giants.

This festival starts at the beginning of March by fireworks in Valencia every day to the most important moment: early spring or a few days before more than 500 giants are set in the city of Valencia and night shift in spring (night of March 19 to 20) giants are simply burned ... which gives an amazing spectacle accompanied by fireworks and entertainment in the streets.

Going to Valencia

Valencia to a first class airport that you can reach to all major European cities.

The Renfe (Spanish train company) serves high-speed Valencia from Madrid in less than 3H.

Drive Valencia is very easily from Madrid, Barcelona (fee), Alicante (do not take the Mediterranean route it pays) and Zaragoza.

Transport in Valencia

Valencia is well served by buses and especially his rapid metro is almost never crowded, A Valencia took the subway!

But the tram Valencia also allows easy access to the university and the beautiful beach of Valencia.