Tarifa the city of wind

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Tarifa, the Castillo de Guzman el Bueno, the old city : half day

Mecca for windsurfing and kite surfing in Europe, Tarifa is a walled city in the south of Spain. The southernmost point of continental Europe, Tarifa has wide beaches cooled by the strong wind in the Levant.

The beginnings of the city are from the construction of the Castle of the Caliphate in the tenth century by Abd-er-Rahman III. We find the origins of the Arab town plying the narrow winding streets of the old town.

On a clear day, one sees with delight the Moroccan coast. Indeed, it is very easy to reach Morocco from Tarifa: 45 minutes with fast ferry. Currently, two companies compete to offer you the crossing: Frs and Comarit. Also note getaways and short stays offered by Frs http://www.frs.es on their website if you want to contact the French, they are available http://www.frs.ma

On site, you will see also Castillo, the chapel of Santiago Gothic-Mudejar, the Convent of San Francisco or the churches of Santa María and San Mateo.

The Castillo of Guzman el Bueno

Facing the ocean, this castle is one of the oldest in Andalusia. It was commissioned by Abd-er-Rahman III, the first Caliph of Cordoba. Its interior very well kept you back in time. Its construction began in 960 but its present appearance is due to many extensions he suffered thereafter. Currently, apart from the recent work undertaken, it is advisable to check the opening hours. The castle overlooks the harbor and you will therefore stunning views of the Strait.

Tarifa the city of wind
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