Natural park of Doñana

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Getaway Park Donana

A trip into one of the richest and best preserved natural environments in Spain: the Doñana National Park.

Can you imagine a place where nearly 900 species of flora and 450 species of wildlife live in harmony and freedom?


la Acebuche

Doñana has a mosaic of landscapes where many species of plants and animals live. Because of its strategic location, many birds use the park as a place to spend the winter in their migration. Meanwhile, in late spring and summer, you can enjoy the arrival of storks, herons and swallows Africa, who come in search of food and a milder climate.

If you decide to visit the park, do not forget to book before arriving there. The tours are very exciting to feel the thrill of being in nature visit the park Donana biking. The tour is about 4 hours and you meet each of the ecosystems of the Doñana National Park on this road from north to south. You can also choose different paths, and for the grand tour unaruta more adventurous, but assures you an unforgettable day.


Hiking in the park of Doñana (

On this road you will see the immense and spectacular marsh of Doñana Park, a meeting place for hundreds of species.

Pines and cork where the presence of Iberian lynx but also valuable mobile dunes in the south.


Doñana marsh


The dunes of Doñana Park

Very close also, you have the famous village of El Rocío, Almonte that exudes tradition and passion. Small characteristic white houses surrounding the pilgrimage Ermita de la Virgen del Rocio meet every year more than one million people.


Ermita del Rocio

If you can not go to the park of Donana do not hesitate to go to the hermitage del Rocio or you can visit the park of Doñana cameras that show you among other chicks Doñana imperial eagle and lynx breeding center.

So do not hesitate to visit the park Dona Ana.

Natural park of Doñana
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