Zaragoza visit and history

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Visit of ZaragozaZaragoza visit pilar

Zaragoza visit pilarSaragosse is amazing there are Roman remains Muslims, Jews and Christians finally. This is due to its very turbulent history but also memories still present World Expo Zaragoza 2008.

Roman remains in Zaragoza

It should be noted that the perpetrator may I say that museums are not my forte, however when it's ...

One can admire the ancient Roman city of Saragossa museum dedicated Caesaraugusta, you better do this first to understand the history and future of Zaragoza.

But more practically (if so) you can go to the theater Caesaraugusta in Zaragoza which gives access to the remains of the ancient Roman theater (Ah finally the concrete).

Muslim city of Zaragoza

Visit the palace of the Aljaferia the outskirts we really wonder if there is a Muslim fortress, but once inside any doubt in this palace in Zaragoza is a mosque and a Muslim architecture typically, it is worth seeing.

The old city of Zaragoza

Stroll in the beautiful city of Zaragoza is a joy that is at the edge of the Ebro where the air is warmer in the summer, or rather in the old center which is dominated by the city like any nuestra senora Basilica del Pilar, gigantic nothing but its worth a visit in Zaragoza, being nonreligious I marveled.

The narrow alleys are beautiful we are totally out of place, it looks like a medieval city where there is still life with many families and tourists strolling or ending up in a few tapas.

ATTENTION bistros before Pilar prices are a bit high and friendliness very doubtful, it is better to dig into the city quite going to market where the atmosphere is a little younger.

The World Expo Zaragoza

To get there leave the city center of Zaragoza towards the Ebro, take the Millennium Bridge (you'll easily recognize it is very modern) compared to the old stone bridge overlooking the Pilar.

If you do not want to spend two days, go directly to the aquarium for lovers (one of the largest fresh water) and then return by cable car from where you have a unique and panoramic view of the city (3 stars).

Finally in summer

Luis bunuel park or you can cool off on its river beach in Zaragoza.

Location of Zaragoza

Zaragoza is located between the three largest cities in Spain that Barcelona are in the north east, south east and valence Madrid southwest, all about 300 km from the fifth largest city in Spain in terms of population Zaragoza.

Travel to Zaragoza

The aircraft serves well Zaragoza for the largest cities in Europe, however it is often required to go through Madrid!

Zaragoza is currently the center of the high-speed line (AVE) between Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is also easily reached from Zaragoza.

By car it is extremely easy to access Zaragoza whether through the Pyrenees (strongly that the French side we make as much effort as the Spanish in terms of infrastructure) by the Basque coast via Pamplona or Barcelona, but Attention roads are often paid in northern Spain (Basque country and Catalonia, independence demands money !!!!).

History of Zaragoza

Zaragoza is located on the Ebro, the city was already populated by jc 600 BC, the city was alternately in the hands of the Visigoths in the fifth century converting to Catholicism and Arab from 714 AD jc, Zaragoza was part of Caliphate of Córdoba. The city was then conquered by Alfonso first in 1118 AD jc.

More recently in the 19th century, the city was taken by Napoleon and greatly destroyed during the Spanish Civil War.

Events in Zaragoza

January 29 is celebrated saint of the city of Zaragoza St. Valerius at the traditional tasting of the Cake local kings (roscon reyes).

On October 12, however, is the most festive celebrations of Zaragoza where Pilar is celebrated el Virgen del pilar pilar or virgin, this festival is famous throughout Spain, I suggest you get there but be careful to book advance !!

Zaragoza visit and history
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