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Where is Almeria

Almeria and the Cabo de Gata are in the south east of Spain, The beaches are wonderful with some differents kind of sand.

Plage cabo de gata

Almerimar Beach

On the west of Almeria, Almerimar have a lot of beaches but two are big with good sand :

You can practice diving, windsurfing and many bars and restaurants are willing to go all the servicing of modern urban beach.

Beach of Roquetas de mar

What can I say except that the beach is beautiful in this new city, the marina beach is not wonderful, you must preferred the northern beach of Roquetas de mar a little less urban.

Beaches near Almeria

There are small beaches near Almeria : San Telmo, the Garofa and Almeria's Beach near the port.

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata

Beach Monsul in cabo de gata accessible from the village of San Jose 20 minutes from Almeria, See the show of Zaho a french artist in the Cabo de Gata and the desert of Tabernas below !

The natural park of Cabo de Gata near Almeria contains the most beautiful beaches in Spain with their volcanic sand and is accessed by little road, we describe here only the most beautiful Beaches :

Playa de los genoves, accessible from the village of San José is very large and forms a very nice little bay, you can access easely outside of July in August, in Summer there are a lot of buses.

Playa Monsul located after the beach of san jose is probably the most beautiful beach in Almeria, enjoy as a result of rising sea levels it is reduced more and more.

Going up north, you will find other beautiful beaches and often smaller than Monsul like Cala del morron include our favorite: agua amargua, cala tomato and enmedio.

Almeria's north Beaches

Barely out of the beautiful natural park of Cabo de gata it falls on Carboneras and Mojacar, Almeria beautiful beaches with all the urban services, we love ... or not. However, deviating a little from both cities there are still unnamed beautiful beaches, then take a trip to discover.

One last beach worth the undoubtedly before entering the province of Murcia, it is the Playa de los terreros with its small island in front, perfect for diving and relaxing, it has a small raised boardwalk or you can taste good fried fish oujuste a drink. the beautiful beach of los terreros has a significant feature in relation to the beaches further south to Almeria 2-3 degrees apart more! Because it is less subject to the winds experienced by beaches cabo de gata.