What are the best food you can find in Spain

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From north to south, along the Andalusian coast or in the interior of the country the dishes are very different, we want to try to show you the top of the spanish food.

Here are some of the best food you should eat in spain

Paella Valenciana

Go we will start with Paella Valenciana, do you think you know her? Well, not for Valencians and connoisseurs, few people know that rice with seafood or chicken has nothing to do with this specialty. Indeed the real Paella is a mixture of Valencia rice, rabbit and 3 kinds of beans and a typical seasoning Tomato, saffron garlic and salt.

The pulpo at Gallega

The octopus is cooked for a long time to give it a soft, spicy side with paprika.

This dish is known throughout Spain but is mostly consumed in Galicia where it is the typical Galician dish.

Pimiento del Padron

A must in the gastronomy of Spanish Tapas Pimiento del Padron, typical of Galicia but now found everywhere in Spain, it is a kind of chili (piquant or not it is the lottery) which are fried then there add coarse salt and eat them in Tapas like that in Spanish simplicity.

Gazpacho Andaluz

The typical dish of southern Spain in Andalusia, it is eaten especially to Seville and Malaga.

It is a soup that is eaten cold, it is full of vegetables including beautiful mature tomatoes, garlic, onion and green pepper not to mention the seasoning "usual in Spain".

Refreshing it is consumed especially in summer, but the summer begins when in Andalusia, there is the question.

less known but excellent meals in Spain

The Sobrasada

Originally from Sicily, the Balearic Islands have made their great specialty, the Sobrasada in Spanish looks like a large sausage type chorizo ?? This is pieces of pork marinated in paprika and then dried.

Nowadays it's also consumed in a kind of spread on bread.

Las Migas de Almeria

A dish that fits the body and is best eaten in family meals or after work on the farm in the region of Almeria in Andalusia. Tradition has it that you eat it in rainy weather in Almeria.

Wheat flour is needed to prepare Migas, Olive Oil, Salt, Water and Garlic, to make a powder with local utensils. This one looks like semolina flour (provided that no inhabitant of the region reads me).

For the accompaniment of Migas, can put everything: Boquerones, sausages, fried peppers, eggs, tomatoes, onions etc ... A delight.

less known but excellent meals in Spain

The Catalan Calçots

Very little known in the rest of the world, the Calçots are a kind of onion found in Catalonia, they are all in length and look like leeks.

Their culture is particular because one is obliged to add soil for the good growth of the Calçots.

When picking Calçots, we do what is called Calçotada where we cover firewood in the villages of Calçots!

Then, once cooked, we grill different meat and eat it all with small sauces of grilled pine nuts and tomatoes with almonds and olive oil. It is the dish of the Catalan region.

Other Spanish foods not to be missed

It would be too long to make a big list, but you have of course the Queso Manchego, a delicious cheese from the Spanish mountains.

The Jamon Iberico de Bellota, the most expensive Iberian ham, but also the most tasty one produces in the regions bordering Portugal.

Sardines on the beaches of Malaga are a must, the Galician skewers served on a peak in the air.

The papas arrugadas of the Canary Islands, are small wrinkled potatoes (characteristics of the Canary Islands) cooked whole with coarse salt, then we will consume them with sauces, meats or other.

What are the best food you can find in Spain
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All the best food of Spain