Roman Sagunt near Valencia

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Location of SaguntTheater roman in Sagunte

From a distance you can not miss the fortress of Saguntum Sagunto in Spanish or whatever your itinerary, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Alicante fortress is located right in front of you on a hill rising to nearly 600 meters, arm yourself good shoes or flip flops by taking your time.

The old town of Saguntum

When you arrive in Sagunto follow centro cuidad and you will find yourself on a large central square, if you find a place please, the place is at the foot of the old town and the highest ruins.

The old town is medieval and semi pedestrian, it is a pleasure to stroll through the narrow streets with typical street signs, small bodega are expensive for Spain but very nice if you have time ... a lot time, there are several well-preserved monumental gates with churches.

Climbing you have 2 choices: go through the restored Roman theater in a big way or climb the temple and the medieval fortress, we recommend you begin with the Roman theater of Saguntum.

The Roman city of Saguntum

The Roman Theatre of Sagunte

That spectacle of a Roman amphitheater almost entièremment restored and free!

What to say except look at the pictures ...

The Roman Temple of Sagunto

The temple is in the upper part of the Roman city at the top, very well preserved, shame we can not enter the temple.

The fortress and the castle of Saguntum

All around the temple there are large walls and a magnificent medieval chateau age, although these are ruins but which scopes and what fantastic views of the sea.

El Puerto de Sagunto

A desire to cool off after or before visiting Saguntum then please go to the beach in el puerto de Sagunto, arriving in the port city will make you a little scared but beyond that the beach near Valencia is large and equipped with all what is necessary, toilets, restaurant and shops ... good beach.

Roman Sagunt near Valencia
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