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Climate MadridThe climate in Madrid is Continental with cold winter.

Average temperature Madrid 5 6 10 13 16 20 24 24 19 14 9 6
temperature min Madrid 1 2 5 7 10 14 17 17 14 9 5 2
temperature max Madrid 9 11 15 18 22 27 31 30 25 19 13 9
Average days in Tshirt Madrid 0 0 1 5 10 20 28 27 20 10 2 0

When to go to Madrid

Summer in Madrid

If you don't have the choice and you need to take advantage of school holidays to move in July or August in Madrid, we recommend the month of August because there is less of citizen due to holidays and evenings can be more colder with the end of the month (we still remember that Madrid is 600 meters above sea level).

May in Madrid

Madrid Area peaks are still snow and the atmosphere of the city is quite warm after a hard winter.

Travel advice for Madrid's weather

Travel in May or September in Madrid, the nights begin to be less hot or not to be too cold.

Unexpected trip to Madrid

Why not winter to go to Madrid ? With the castles and palaces of the city a little ski around and you are in Austria !

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Visit Burgos cathedral and castleVisite cathedrale burgos

Burgos is famous for its cathedral and castillo, visit Burgos deserves a good day to soak up the charming town of Castile and Leon.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Burgos

worl Heritage of Unesco, Burgos Cathedral santa maria is monumental and located in the middle of medieval streets.

Burgos Castle

Overlooking the old city castle of Burgos visit as a walk, he is most famous for the battles between all Tower French, English (Wellington) and Portuguese during the 19-th century. The setting is nice and small restaurant-snack you can enjoy a glass or eat in front of the old town and the Cathedral of Burgos.

Bridge Santa Maria

The most beautiful bridge in Burgos leads to the old town where the restaurants or bars and tapas or tasting is an art is, there is the scene of day but also a good part of the night.

The door of Santa Maria

Burgos famous emblem of the door to the city of Burgos was transformed during the story arc of triumph for the famous Charles V, it is a very original work.

Plaza Mayor of Burgos

It is worth seeing with its circular side, the center of the city, it saves you the run by pedestrian streets in Burgos places.

Other thing in Burgos

Many churches are present in the city of Burgos, a monastery, the Casa del cord, it does not get bored while visiting the city.

Location Burgos

Burgos is located in Northern Spain but unlike coastal cities like Bilbao or Santander, the climate is harsh in winter as the city of Burgos is 900 meters, over the winter is to Burgos long, short Burgos is a great mountain town.

The city of Burgos is divided into two parts by the river Arlanzon on one side there is the historic city of Burgos and on the other the modern city of Burgos.

Like all cities of northern Spain Burgos is well stretched located on the famous pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostella.

Events: festivals Burgos

Celebrations of San Pedro and San Pablo in Burgos

Burgos celebrations last a week and begin the end of June (check the dates and the program at the tourist office).

As often in Spain, festivals Burgos are synonimes of bullfights, fireworks and fixed and traveling shows, there reigns a family atmosphere and friendliness Spanish takes over this week Burgos meaningless

How to go to Burgos

Burgos is well served from the road, you can come from Portugale, southern Spain or Madrid and the Basque country is not a problem.

Being Burgos is quite well served from the Basque Country and Madrid, also think of the lines as present in the Spanish stations.

Do not count on the plane to go to Burgos.

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