UNESCO world heritage Elche

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Elche is located 20 km from Alicante somewhat inland taking the road of Cartagena and Murcia.

Elche heritage of UNESCO

The city of Elche has the distinction of having two entries in the UNESCO heritage: the largest palm grove in Europe and the show "the mystery of Elche".

The largest palm grove in Europe UNESCO heritage

At the heart of the city of Elche is the largest and vast palm grove on the European continent, recognized heritage of UNESCO in 2000, very well maintained there is good compared to the rest of the city where the temperatures are ideal for palms, indeed the climate has minima near 16 degrees in winter and the average temperature was 35 degrees!

Huerto del CURAL

Walk one hour in the palm especially in the Huerto del CURAL which is the heart of the palm near the historic center before joining the other wonders of the historic center.

The Mystery of Elche in the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity UNESCO
Show in Elche

This medieval spectacle takes place in the beautiful basilica santa maria and Heritage of UNESCO in Spain since 2001, it is a show taking place for centuries 14 and 15 August of each year with rehearsals previous days (there is benefit in less world).

This event showcases theatrically death of the virgin and her assumption into heaven and of course his final couronement, nothing but classic among Catholics in this period of mid August but the show is well worth the detour compared to simple fishing trips virgin found everywhere in Europe.

Elche celebrations take place during this week's show in mid August

The castle of Altamira in front of the basilica santa maria contains the archaeological museum of Elche, beware we have never seen open season despite good reading hours in Elche schedules.

The Lady of Elche

This does not necessarily worth the detour for poor uneducated tourists that we are, however we easily attaches to the city of Elche as found on the outskirts of the city.

It is part of a series of religious representation of the 5 th and 6 th centuries is remarkably preserved, many performances in various forms exist in the city of Elche.

UNESCO world heritage Elche
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