Salamanca, a city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO

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Salamanca, a city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, 1 day

Capital of the province of the same name, Salamanca is without doubt one of the domestic destinations of Spain that is worth seeing. University city par excellence, Salamanca houses the first Spanish university that is part of the oldest in Europe. Declared heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 1988, it has an important architectural heritage.

The University

Today, Salamanca has two universities: the University of Salamanca (public) and the Pontifical University, a private university of the Catholic Church. Students come from all regions and foreigners represent a very large number. In addition to its cultural appeal, the University of Salamanca is building a fantastic architectural work, its facade is Plateresque (architectural style of transition between Gothic and Renaissance art).

Squares and buildings

The Plaza Mayor, baroque style, is one of the most beautiful squares in Spain. North of the site of City Hall is located. It is the ideal starting point to begin a visit to the city or a coffee or a glass of cool water (among other choice ...).
Cathedral of Salamanca is actually composed of two buildings joined: an old hand "Catedral Vieja" which dates from the XII-XIII century (Romanesque) and other new "Catedral Nueva" share XVI (styles Gothic and Baroque). The union of these two cathedrals form the most impressive monument of the city.
Anaya Palace, founded in 1762 is a magnificent neoclassical palace. Note in particular the main facade, with its four crowned by a triangular pediment Ionic columns and wide steps.
See also, the Iglesia de San Marcos, La Casa de las Conchas, or El Convento de San Esteban.
The best way to discover this vibrant and cosmopolitan city is to get a map of the city and wander the streets of sandstone. Do not hesitate to visit at dusk as the sun gives a golden color to the building material of the monuments where the nickname "Golden City". Do not leave without Salamanca some tapas in one of the many bars that make up this rich city atmosphere.

Salamanca, a city classified as World Heritage by UNESCO
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