Climate Ibiza

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Weather in IbizaThe climate of Ibiza is not hot and not cold :) in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

The climate by month in Ibiza  January February March April May June July August September October November décember
Average temperature Ibiza  12  12  13  15  18  22  25  26  24 20  16  14
temperature min Ibiza  8  8  9  11  14  18  21  22  20  16  12  10
temperature max Ibiza  16  16  17  19  22  26  29  30  28  23  19  17
sea temperature Ibiza  13  14  15  16  17  19  25  27  23  19  17  15
Average days in Tshirt Ibiza  1  1  3  7  19  28  30  31  28  22  10  2
Average days to the beach Ibiza  0  0  1  3  17  26  30  31   28  17  6  0

When to go to Ibiza

The climate of Ibiza in the Balearic has two seasons: summer and winter in Ibiza.

Climate to swim in Ibiza

The temperature of the sea in Ibiza is nice from mid June to mid October although the bravest can bath May to November although these two months have only water around 18 degrees.

The climate in autumn in Ibiza (extension of summer)

From September to November in the Balearic Islands, a travel is a good idea, the water is warm or only enjoyable in November there was one problem: rainfall in Ibiza after the summer are fairly common and intensifies but it's quite rare to have a full week with rain on the island from Spain.

The climate in Winter in Ibiza

Do not leave the Balearic Ibiza during the winter, it's cold enough even though it's not common to see the thermometer below 10 degrees even during the winter nights in the Balearics.

Spring in Ibiza

It's the transition between the two seasons of Ibiza, April is the month even suggesting this change of season, cold starting and soft on the end, only the temperature of the water awaits the end of May to start being nice.

The weather in summer in Ibiza

If you want to party island Ibiza is the place to be in the summer, the water is warm, the beaches are dreams and music are full.

By cons, if you flee the crowd no good plan, the island is crowded, go a day by ferry in Formentara to walk around and see the beautiful often less crowded beaches ...

Best time to go to Ibiza

Visit and walking in Ibiza

Without hesitation you must start your travel from early May to mid June maximum temperatures are pleasant, spring colors are great.

Beaches of Ibiza

You can travel to the heart of summer in Ibiza but the crowd is here and the places by the sea are expensive !

We advise from mid September to mid October for Ibiza, the temperature of the sea water is still fresh in Ibiza and tourists are largely gone home.

Climate Ibiza
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