Climate Murcia

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Average temperature by month in MurciaOne of the hotest city in Spain, you can swim a large part of the year or play golf all year

Murcia weather by month January February March April May June July August September October November décember
Murcia average temperature  11  12  14  16  20  24  27  27  24  19  15  12
temperature min Murcia  5  6  8  11  14  18  20  20  18  13  9  7
temperature max Murcia  16  17  20  22  26  30  33  33  30  25  20  17
Average days in tshirt  8  12  19  22  27  30  31  31  28  20  10  6

When travel to Murcia

The last Mediterranean province before Andalusia is one of the hottest regions of Spain with summers very hot, Murcia is the provincial capital of Murcia.

Murcia in winter

In early December to late February you can visit Murcia in Tshirt during the day on the coast many tourists on the beaches during the hottest hours !

But the nights are cold.

When visiting Murcia in Spring

We suggest March and May to visit the city and the whole province including the Mar Menor and Cartagena.

Why April is different ?

A stream of changing weather phenomenon just bring a little rain, temperatures are mild yet.

Summer in Murcia

It's very hot and the end of August is the only time with a little wind who refresh the nights but everything is relative.

June and July have particularly long days, hotel with air conditioning obligatory !

From autumn to Murcia

October is the best for visiting Murcia, for European of the North it's like summer at home !

In late September there are torrential rains regularly.

Sea temperature to enjoy beaches

End April to November in the province of Murcia, you can find a good climate.

Climate Murcia
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