Climate San Sebastian

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Climate by month in San SebastianThe climate of San Sebastian in the Basque country is temperate oceanic with great gentleness eight months in the year.

Climate by month in San Sebastian January February March April May June July August September October November décember
Average temperature  10  10  12  13  16  18  20  21  20  17  12  11
temperature min  6  6  7  9  12  14  16  17  15  12  8  7
temperature max  13  13  16  17  20  22  24  25  24  21  15  14
temperature ocean Concha  13  13  15  16  18  20  22  23  21  18  16  14
Average days in Tshirt  0  0  5  10  19  27  27  28  23  12  8  2
Days on the beach  0  0  3  8  16  20  23  25  20  10  5  1

When to visit San Sebastian

San Sebastian or Donostia in the Basque language is a beautiful city on the ocean just a few kilometers from the French border, the climate is mild most of the year and surfers entered the water even in winter.

Seaside trip to San Sebastian

The hotel offer is quite significant in this beautiful city, so you can spend a holiday or a weekend to visit the beautiful beaches like The Concha beach.

For this we suggest June and August-September because the other months the rain is often present and totally random, but be careful in the month of April for Holy Week you can have excellent weather and that until mid-November but the weather is not predictable from one year to another.

To bathe without problems wait until July and early October the water is above 18 degrees.

When to go to San Sebastian to visit

With a good kway all year is great for shopping, strolling on the long walk of 2 beaches, climbing the hills to admire the city or eat tapas in the many bars open, the only problem for lovers of Spain is that we talk too much French.

When surfing in San Sebastian

The Concha beach is poor in waves with the presence of the island but the second beach on east always located in the center is well for surf !

Summer is a little more limited season, fresh water and more surfer ... better to wait for good weather for surfing and the departure of many tourists : September to May, check the forecast.

Our advice to all at San Sebastian with good weather

Late May early June is a good time before the school holidays, the weather is usually nice, the only bad point is the temperature of the ocean.

Second option to swim more easily mid September to late September is not bad more cloudy but never a long time.

Climate San Sebastian
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