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The port city fortress cathedral: Provide one day

Cadiz Cadiz or Spanish is a port city in Andalusia with a well-preserved historical center. It is relatively small and can be visited during the day. Its climate is temperate Atlantic in winter it is rare to put a jacket. Home port for ferries Canary Islands. The streets of the historic city (18th century largely) are unfortunately not animated unlike the central squares, however they can wander in peace.

A view of the Old Town: Strongholds of Santa Catalina and San Sebastián and castles, Piazza San Juan de Dios, the Spanish Steps, a Roman Theatre (discovered in 1980 and being restored), the Tavira Tower, Bastion of Candelaria, Puerta Tierra true gateway to the historic center and protected by its two bastions and Saint Roque Santa Elena. Churches and cathedrals are also legions in the center.

Caleta beach city but certainly is a journey through time ... no building here but all around you and the old town well preserved castles of San Sebastian and Santa Catalina.

It should be noted that access to the center by car is quite difficult because the historic center is a cul de sac in the Bay of Cadiz. By cons, if you stay on the other side of the bay (puerto de santa maria, rota) small ferry pass very regular schedule and avoid the inconvenience of the car.

You can enjoy the entire coastline of the Costa de la Luz the local tapas: fried fish (it has no equivalent) and pimientos fritos (fried peppers) are simply falling.

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Do not miss the area in Jerez de la Frontera: Provide one day

Located inland Jerez de la Frontera is famous for its wineries and therefore its sherry wines, but also known for its horse shows throughout Europe.

Visiting a Bodega is exciting and can be done without reservation (check for times). The rate is often high, but the cool cellars is nice.

The old city and its Arab fortress are perpetual renovations but worth the trip.

The visit is on foot and it is better to park as soon as possible in the underground parking for arriving detours and returns lost most experienced!

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