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Barcelona City Ramblas to the Sagrada Familia, Montjuic and the works of gaudi predict two days

Barcelona, ​​capital of Catalonia is the second largest city in Spain, it is a port town on the Costa Brava and surrounded by a beautiful beach.

Many places are remarkable, the Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and palaces, Casa Mila, and Montjuic hospital sant pau.

The Ramblas are the heart of the city from the port in their lower part to the Plaça de Catalunya (Catalonia Square) in their upper part. This is the place to walk must for ... tourists. Woe to those who put themselves on the terrace, you ask for a beer and hop brings you a mug of 1L € 12 ... for a drink rather small streets bordering the ramblas, super atmosphere and sharing life with the locals without seeing tourists. In addition, these streets are wonderful to go.

The Castell de Montjuïc located near the Ramblas offers a magnificent view over the city and harbor. Except if you like trudge (the slope is important), choose the gondola that allows effortless access.

The Sagrada Familia is the masterpiece of the most striking Gaudi, it characterizes many people from the city of Barcelona. Begun in 1882, construction is still ongoing. This huge church is worth seeing from the outside one is overwhelmed by the size of the work and especially his side slightly ... shifted to a place of worship. The visit of the interior is a high price but well worth it.

Park Güell is located on the heights of the city, another Gaudi on the command of Count Güell, architecture and nature will freshen in this quiet place.

La casa mila also known as the Pedrera building by Gaudi is a still-it-Except for architects, just a short visit to discover the sculptures of the building and rounded surprising.

Note that the works of Gaudi are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site and the hospital sant pau and the Palace of Catalan Music.

You can also enjoy the large sandy beach north of the harbor or simply take a stroll on the promenade where the locals love to gather in the evening.

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Temperature in Barcelona when to go to BarcelonaThe climate is mediterranean in Barcelona hot summer and winter near 10 degrees or more in the afternoon.

Weather by month in Barcelona January February March April May June July August September October November december
Average temperature Barcelona 10 11 13 15 18 22.5 26 26.5 23.5 20 15 12.5
temperature min Barcelona 6 8 9 11 14 19 22 21 19 17 13 10
temperature max Barcelona 13 14 17 20 22 26 30 31 27 23 18 15
seawater temperature Barcelona 14   13  14 16   18  21 24  26  24   21 17  15 
Days in Tshirt Barcelona 1 2 7 11 20 26 30 30 26 17 10 6
Days at the beach Barcelona 3 5 10 12 20 26 29 29 27 20 12 8

When to go to Barcelona

May and June in Barcelona

The water is cold at this time but the temperature of the air is like summer in France and better than the south of England ... Tshirt require for a good time in Spain !

September to mid October in Barcelona

To continue the summer. The weather is nice, the only bad thing is the night who arrive faster at this time ... in October the wind began on the end of afternoon that refresh momentarily temperature, the temperature of the water is excellent at this time in Barcelona.

Don't forget for the climate of Barcelona

In summer there is no problem, there is no rain but in the rest of the year the climate in Barcelona can change every day because of the mountain !

Then take a pull avery time you go to Barcelona.