Almeria the Alcazaba Cathedral and habor

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Almeria's Alcazaba and Cathedral 1day

With a coastline of almost virgin beaches, Almeria is the most easterly of the Andalusian capital. Almería was created for strategic reasons by the Arabs. Abd-er-Rahman III founded the Alcazaba which gave its name to the city: Al-Mariy-yat (watchtower).

Coastal city and port, Almeria is bordered by a huge azure bay, the park del Cabo de Gata, Mount Gádor and mountain Alhamilla. For me this town is a mini grenade seaside town student lively day and night, Almeria also has its culinary specialties such as ajo colorao (stew with potatoes, red peppers, eggs, sausage, cod garlic and oil) but the product par excellence of the city is the grape. In addition, if you pay attention peppers number of our supermarkets comes from this beautiful region.

Small bonus of the city and its international airport El Estadio del Mediterráneo built in 2005 for the Mediterranean Games.

Only small problem in the province of Almeria, intensive agriculture in greenhouses in this region is known as the "condom Europe" but that does not discourage provided an influx of tourists ...

The Alcazaba

Overlooking the city and the bay of Almeria, this fortress is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Andalusia.
995 Almeria gaining status through the medina Caliph Abd-er-Rahman III with the construction of the citadel defensive, located in the upper town. The complex will be expanded over time and the construction will be completed after the Christian conquest of the city by the outer wall.

With walls and towers inside the Alcazaba when its cache other things small gardens and squares.


It alone is worth visiting the city and more like a fortress than a place of worship with its towers, battlements and thick walls. In fact, the exterior was constructed so as to ward off attacks Berbers. However, within the notice arabesques, radiating chapels ...

Do not hesitate to visit from the cathedral to the beautiful Plaza de la Constitucion (or Plaza Vieja) and wander the narrow streets lined with whitewashed walls.

Almeria the Alcazaba Cathedral and habor
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