Summer Feria in Malaga 2019

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The Feria of Malaga is call Feria de Agosto (August) and Feria de Verano (summer).

This is a must in Andalusia, if you are in Holidays.


What mean this Feria in Andalusia

This is to celebrate the reconquest by the Catholic kings of the city of Malaga, which made their entry into the city on August 19, 1487.

But in our modern days, this is a good festival of music, dance and many others good things.

Dates to see Malaga's Feria 2019

Start of Feria the Thursday 15 August of 2019 and the end is the Saturday 24 August of 2019.

This mean that the Feria of Malaga as a duration of 10 days.

Summer Feria in Malaga 2019
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What is the Malaga's feria this 2019 summer