January 2021 earthquake in Andalusia - Granada

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Granada is in a region with moderate seismic activity, however there are regular occurrences as in January 2021.

Where is the epicenter of the Granada earthquake?

The epicenter of the earthquake that shook the province of Granada in Andalusia is located to the west of Granada more precisely in Santa Fe.

This earthquake in early 2021 took place just 5 km from the surface.

How was the earthquake felt in Granada

It's one of the strongest earthquakes for a long time in Granada.

Scenes of fear with objects moving and shaking in all directions in almost all homes.

But worse than that damage has already been observed on houses around Granada, such as cracks and objects that have caused some panic movements.

A more precise assessment will be made by the authorities of the Province of Granada and the region of Andalusia as well as by IGN, which is the Spanish institute in charge of measuring earthquakes in Spain.

Granada january 2021 Earthquake intensity

There were several earthquakes in the middle of the day of Saturday January 23, 2021 in the province of Granada in Andalusia and therefore all around Santa Fe.

But the strongest Santa Fe earthquake was a magnitude of 4.4 on the Richter Open Scale.

Note however that this strong earthquake of 4.4 in Granada was to be expected because the surroundings of the city of Santa Fe have experienced in recent days about ten weaker tremors of course. This in the week of Wednesday January 20, 2021 to Saturday January 23, 2021.

Before this strong shaking this Saturday, we noted mainly shaking at the same places of 1.5 and 2.5 as well as other smaller ones.

This Granada earthquake in January 2021 lasted only a few seconds but was felt as far as Granada, the capital of the Province.

But beyond it is to the province of Jaén north of Granada to Alcalá la Real, a historic town at 918 meters above sea level where we felt the seismic phenomenon of Granada on Saturday 23 January.


January 2021 earthquake in Andalusia - Granada
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Big earthquake in region of Granada in Andalusia in January