The biggest storm in spain Gloria 2020

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Storm Gloria severely affected almost all of Spain, north of Galicia as far as Santander even suffered.

But the Mediterranean coast and the land were badly affected for 3 full days especially from 20 to 23 January 2020, trying for the regions concerned.

On January 23, the Catalonia region was still hit hard by the storm like in Girona or the Tordera river where a bridge was cut between Blanes and Magrat de Mar.

To note in the briefs a strong hail this morning of January 23 in Malaga, is it due to the storm Gloria?

What are the main regions affected by Gloria ?

The most severely affected from the south to the north of Spain on the Mediterranean side and in the interior of the mountainous lands are:

In Andalusia: Jaen and Almeria.

Murcia (slightly weaker).

The entire Valencia community from Alicante to Castellon via Valencia.

And of course Catalonia which continues again and again since January 20 and still at least until January 24 to receive heavy rains, this one feed the rivers and cause overflows in series, cutting bridges and roads.

But also we tend to forget it but it was the last affected, The Balearic Islands.

Gloria's human death in Spain

On our site we do not like to talk about these things, but it is important information, when we are talking to you before a total decline, there are 11 dead and many more missing! Sad.

To a lesser extent, Spain has experienced numerous power cuts (more than 200,000 people in Catalonia).

The motorway connecting France to Spain was interrupted for a long time as were the train connections connecting the 2 countries at the border.

How did Gloria manifest in Spain

Gloria arrived with heavy rain and strong winds over all the regions mentioned above.

On the spanish coast

It has therefore caused extraordinary swells for the region, up to 8 meters in Valencia (Gandia and Dénia), 10 meters in Catalonia and up to 12 meters in the Balearic Islands. The coasts and beaches have been totally submerged in places for hours.

Some locals had never seen this, especially during such a period of time, as if it had stagnated in these regions.

The ebb and flow of the waves caused a fairly well-known phenomenon of foam on the coasts, where in Catalonia it is very spectacular (see Tossa de Mar and Llanca), but there Gloria has exceeded everything, the quantities are astronomical and people had from the foam around the beaches to the thighs, even in the surrounding streets, the inhabitants tried to evacuate the foam that accumulated and blocked the evacuations from the streets.

The incessant rains that the storm carried caused gigantic floods (Cullera, Ayora, Gerona, Tossa de mar and many other cities).

In the lands of Spain

If you do not know, around these Mediterranean coasts, Spain is extremely mountainous, and the altitude increases rapidly.

However Gloria with these strong winds also brought a drop in temperatures causing significant snowfall even at low altitudes.

Without counting the mountainous regions accustomed to snow in winter (sometimes less than 15 km from the coast), in the plain we can note snow in Aguilas for example (Almeria), in southern Spain all the same.

Note heavy snow in the province of Jaen, Castellon and almost all of the mountain ranges crossed by the storm of this early 2020 in Spain.

To see More about Gloria

Spain has been strongly impacted by storms and floods for a few months, this is due to urbanization, climate change, we leave this debate to others although we think it is a whole.

Because Gloria is already considered in the regions concerned as the storm of the century but unfortunately there is no doubt that this will not stop in 2020 and continue in the coming years.

The biggest storm in spain Gloria 2020
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