Thomas Cook will make close 500 hotels in all Spain

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The tour operator Thomas Cook in bankruptcy will actually cause the closure of 500 hotels throughout Spain, many of which are located on the Balearic Islands and especially in the Canary Islands.

Of the 500 hotels owned by the incumbent operator, 100 hotels had a clientele exclusively from Thomas Cook.

For the other 400 hotels the situation will be more or less serious because according to the Spanish confederation of the hotel, these had between 30 and 70% of customers coming from Thomas Cook.

Baleares and Canaries the most affected destinations

There are no secrets: the Balearic and Canary Islands are going to be hit hard with a risk of closing 40% of the settlements on all the islands which is huge for the economy of the islands which are largely dependent on tourism.

Then comes the Costa del Sol (Malaga, Torremolinos) of which 20% of hotels are concerned with far behind Catalonia and the Valencian Community which have only about 10%.

Airplane connections to the Canaries in danger

Ryanair plans to close two of its air bases in the Canary Islands because of a significant risk of falling passengers and this from the beginning of January 2020.

Emergency plan for tourism in Spain

The tourism industry will ask for emergency aid to the Spanish government to stay afloat with credits and decreases or even more.

Indeed there is a real urgency because the tour operator paid late which leads to dizzying amounts of activity throughout the summer. Moreover the big tourist season must begin in this month of October in the Canary Islands.

And especially keep airlines present in the islands otherwise tourism could collapse and jobs related to tourism as well.

Thomas Cook will make close 500 hotels in all Spain
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